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What Sonos speaker Should You Buy?

What Sonos speaker speakers should I buy? What are the differences between Play: 1, Play: 3, Play: 5? And all of the other Sonos products?

What Sonos is here to help you navigate your way around finding the right Sonos product for you. With such an awesome range of products Sonos is a market leader in wireless speakers.

So what are Sonos speakers? How do they work? 

Do you want to listen to music anywhere in the house? Control your music using your phone? A wireless Sonos speaker system may be your answer. But what is sonos, what can it do, and are there any alternatives? We’re here to help.
Listening to your entire music collection anywhere in your house, previously involved many logistical problems. You’d either need to move your sound system from room to room, put up with wires and cables trailing under doors and rugs and up the stairs, or you could spend a fortune on a custom install system.


Wireless Revolution…


With the rise of digital and computer and cloud based music. Things have become easier by adding the element of portability to your audio collection. But that didn’t solve the question of moving your system or trailing leads around the home. Then, along came the wireless revolution…

Using wireless speakers, you can stream audio from a range of devices to speakers around the home using a wireless connection. There many different ways to do this, different products and technologies, but one of the companies producing the best wireless audio solutions is Sonos. They have created a wonderful market of wireless speaker products that allow you to enjoy your music anywhere you want to with astounding quality of sound.

Getting started with Sonos…

A Sonos system is very straightforward to get set up and start using. If you want to play music in the same room as your wi-fi router, you can just hook up a Play:1, Play:3 or Play:5 speaker. It used to be the case that you’d have to do this directly using an ethernet cable or connect a Bridge (£40) to the router, the latter being particularly helpful if you wanted to play music elsewhere in the home.

However, Sonos’s 5.1 software update made it possible to connect your Sonos speaker direct to your wi-fi network using the dedicated Sonos controller app. This transforms the units into true, one-box wireless speakers and removes the need for a wired connection to your router.

That now means the Play:1 arguably the most flexible of the speakers as it can be moved from room to room – is the entry-level price for a Sonos speakers system, with the Play:3 and old Play:5 moving up the size, bass and cost scale. And don’t forget there’s the new Sonos Play:5 for 2015.

The Connect will turn your stereo into a streaming system, while a Connect:Amp works with your wired speakers.

And Sonos has also launched the Boost, a more powerful version of the Bridge which is there to lend a helping hand in more challenging wireless environments. The company says it offers “complete 360-degree signals through walls and ceilings” and is twice the strength of the Bridge.

What Sonos speakers to buy?

Now the question to ask is ‘which sonos speakers to buy?’ which is the question you have been asking yourself since the top of this page. I hope you now have a clearer idea of what Sonos is, and how it works. So now, what Sonos to buy? Lets have a final breakdown of the pro’s and con’s of each of the wireless speaker systems, the Play:1, Play:3 and Play:5.

Sonos Connect
Sonos Play 5


The compact, yet surprisingly powerful PLAY:1 delivers deep, crystal clear sound and fits just about anywhere, for example, the work-surface in your kitchen. That bookshelf in your study. Or in any other snug space where you’d like some big music.



Clear, true sound. And a deeper bass response than the PLAY:1. That’s what gives our slightly larger PLAY:3 its rich, room-filling power. It sounds equally great whether you place it vertically or horizontally. And its sleek, modern design brings a contemporary touch to any room.



The ultimate listening experience. With the purest, deepest, most vibrant sound ever heard from a wireless speaker. That’s what our PLAY:5 is all about. If you’re a fan of sonically true, intensely vibrant, earth-shattering sound, this is the Sonos speaker for you.


Sonos Play:1 Wireless Speaker

5 5 1
Love these speakers, now have 3x Play 1's and a Play 5 across 3 rooms. I am currently using 2x Play 1's as a stereo pair in a large room and they manage to fill the room with crisp well judged sound which leaves guests wondering where it could be coming from. So much more convenient to use now that you can hook them up to your own WIFI system. I mostly stream music from iTunes or directly from my phone and have experienced no issues. For the money, I think these speakers represent great value and enable you to build your system over time adding to it as and when funds permit. I would actually recommend using 2x Play 1's over a Play 3 if funds permit. The build quality seems to be first rate too, these feel solid and thoroughly engineered, you know exactly where you money has gone.

Sonos Play:3 Wireless Speaker

4 5 1
I am new to the wireless sound system. I bought a Sonos play 1 as I heard a demonstration in the local store and was impressed straight away. I didn't want to spend too much on one. It's perfect for what I wanted. Really good quality sound. I bought the stand too. It's perfect too.

Sonos Play:5 Wireless Speaker

5 5 1
Absolutely love this product. The SONOS sound system as a whole is brilliant. We initially started with the Sound bar to add the much needed volume to our LG TV as it was difficult to watch movies due to the lack of sound - no longer a problem with a Sonos! We recently added the speaker as a further speaker around the house (letting me listen to music whilst the other half watches tv). All Sonos products can be linked to play the same thing; which has been brilliant when watching TV - a quick shift about from upstairs and a stand alone speaker becomes a brilliant surround sound system which can be operated directly from your smart phone app!

Sonos apps and services

In addition to the ability to play a digitally stored music collection, which can be streamed from a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device, Sonos comes with a multitude of music apps and services that allow you to customise playlists and explore new or forgotten music.

These include the likes of Apple MusicSpotify, Napster, Deezer, Rdio and SoundCloud. It’s worth noting that you will need premium subscriptions for some of these.

Qobuz and Tidal bring CD-quality, lossless streaming to Sonos. While the other music services offer files at up to 320kbps, Qobuz and Tidal on Sonos offer unlimited streaming access to CD-quality FLAC files at 16-bit/44.1kHz for a monthly subscription charge.

Sonos alternatives

“So if I want a wireless multi-room speaker system in my home, I should turn to Sonos?”

Not so fast. There are other options to consider, some of which offer more or do certain things better. There are plenty of alternative wireless speakers and a number of multi-room sound systems on the market to challenge Sonos’s dominance.

One of these is  Bluesound, which in some respects is our preferred multi-room system, taking home our Product of the Year gong in our recent 2016 Awards.

The key hook here is support for high-resolution audio and in turn the musical, punchy sound. Setting the system up is simple, there’s a good selection of speaker models and a great control app, too.

Bluesound is a worthy rival to Sonos, and may suit your needs better should you want to listen to hi-res music.

In 2013, the Pure Jongo S3 speaker was launched – the first product in Pure’s own multi-room music system, which has now blossomed into a five-unit family of music streamers. They can be used solo or grouped together, offering an affordable entry into the realm of wireless and multi-room audio systems.

As well as streaming locally stored music from your phone or tablet over wi-fi, the Pure Connect app also offers over 20,000 streaming radio stations and around 200,000 on-demand programmes and podcasts through the system.

Crucially, the Pure Jongo speakers bring Bluetooth to the party, allowing you to stream music directly from your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet or computer, whether that’s your own music or from apps such as YouTube.

Sonos Trueplay

Also announced alongside the new Play:5 was Sonos Trueplay. Now available on the existing Play:1, Play:3 and original Play:5 wireless speakers, it’s a new feature in the Sonos app that calibrates your speaker to your room.

Wherever you place your Sonos speaker in the room will affect the sound. The Trueplay feature aims to counter this, using the microphone on an iPhone or iPad (it’s not yet available on the Android or Windows Phone Sonos apps).

This set-up process runs through a series of test tones and sweeps, which will be familiar to anyone who has set up an AV receiver. The process tunes your speaker to the room, adjusting the bass and the treble, to get it sounding the best it can. And if you don’t like the changes, you can always change it back.

Sonos: Missing features and things to consider

Of course, while Sonos may bill itself as a “wireless hi-fi system”, there’s no denying that, for a little more cash, a dedicated separates system will deliver better sound.

There are myriad streaming options should you value sound quality over the flexibility Sonos offers: a NAS device allows you to stream music to, say, the Pioneer N-50 or the Cyrus Stream XP2-QX, and the more streamers you buy the more rooms of music you can have.

But you don’t get the multi-room functionality, nor the simple, brilliant interface of the Sonos apps. And it’s notably more expensive.

You would however get hi-res audio support – something not offered by Sonos, which maxes out at CD-quality files.

There’s also no AirPlay or Bluetooth functionality built in to Sonos products, meaning you can’t direct stream from music apps, YouTube and others on a phone or tablet (apart from on Google Play Music, thanks to an update). It is possible to add an AirPort Express to Sonos models with a line input, however.

Sonos: Products and Reviews

Looking to invest in a Sonos wireless speaker? Fancy creating your own home sound system and don’t want all those trailing wires?

Take a look at our round-up of all Sonos products that we’ve had in our test rooms.

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Sonos Play:1

Tested at £170 / compare latest prices

The Play:1 won us over in the same way the Play:3 and Play:5 did. Ease of use is a huge draw, but it’s backed up by fantastic sound quality and an affordable price.

Whether you’re looking to get started on your Sonos journey, or just adding bits to an existing set-up, you won’t regret finding a spot for the Play:1 in your home.

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Sonos Play:3

Tested at £260 / compare latest prices

Like the Play:5, the Play:3 is an all-in-one that combines a network music client, amp and speakers, making it simple to add an extra zone to an existing Sonos system.

You can also link two Play:3s together to make a stereo pair, as well as being able to stream music directly from your Android device, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Sonos Play:5

Tested at £350 / compare latest prices

The Sonos Play:5 showed just how far the company had come. It is perfectly pitched, stylistically and technologically – a premium-feeling proposition we described as being ‘”as close to hi-fi as wi-fi gets”.

It may have the same model number but the new Play:5 is a big departure from the existing model. The speaker drivers are redesigned, and there’s one more, while the outside has a new style, which allows it to be placed horizontally and vertically. There are also touch sensitive controls. A whole host of other upgrades and improvements make it the best Sonos speaker yet.

Sonos Playbar

Tested at £600 / compare latest prices

If you’re after a simple device that will massively improve the sound from your TV and give you immediate access to more music than you could ever hope to listen to, only the Sonos Playbar will do.

What Sonos